Better at-work coffee in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, including Boston, includes Starbucks

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Introducing Starbucks for the office

Enjoy the Starbucks cafe experience without bringing in a barista with quality coffee specialty brewers.

Man holding a cup of Starbucks coffee in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Leaders in quality

The incredibly rich history of Starbucks comes through during each sip of its wide range of beverage options.

Office setup with Starbuck products

Cultivated roasts

Each Starbucks coffee is carefully sourced, roasted, and blended to create the perfect assortment of flavors.

Woman drinking Starbucks at her office desk

Specialty brewers

Recreating the perfect Starbucks coffee means an advanced brewer with reliable components and innovative options.

Sustainable from farm to farmer

Starbucks shares its research and resources with coffee farmers to fight threats, as well as invests in financing for new and existing farmers.

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Delve into the exciting world of tea with the unexpected and delightful Tazo teas from Starbucks.

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