Satisfy your hunger with an assortment of vending machine snacks

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Enjoy the latest popular indulgent and healthy snack options

Snack vending machine experts in Rhode Island and Massachusetts including Boston.

Save employees or visitors time and money finding refreshment by offering a reliable, well-stocked snack vending machine. Foley FoodService handles all the logistics, including install and management. Plus, we let you choose the best snack items to offer, such as chips, candy, cookies, granola, healthy snacks, and more.

The snack vending machines we place have the latest in technology, such as a guaranteed product delivery system that eliminates lost money. The built-in infrared sensors detect when a product drops into the delivery area. If no product drops, the money is refunded.

Deliver a new era of fresh food vending

From the locally made food to the new food vending machines, our service is updated and aims to please

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Invested in technology and service that brings Massachusetts and Rhode Island unsurpassed vending machine, office coffee, and micro-market solutions.

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