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Secure, innovative micro-markets for your workplace

Encrypted cashless payments and attention grabbing visuals

Ensure your business in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, including Boston, gets the best micro-market solutions and security.

Secure cashless payments

Our micro-markets use modern encryption methods to ensure your information is secure.

Digital video cameras

Each market is monitored around the clock by cameras to ensure a safe, secure environment.

Easy user interface

The self-checkout kiosk has a touchscreen and easy to follow on-screen instructions for each step.

Eye catching signage

A full-color screen can showcase interesting messages to micro-market users from promotions to corporate memos.

Web-based reporting

Fully connected to the Internet, the micro-market provides real-time inventory management and status updates.

Sealed kiosk unit

Each of our micro-market kiosks is fully enclosed, with no access points for theft of user information.

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