Make employees happy with hundreds of on-site snacks, food, and drinks

Enhance your break room

Technologically advanced, micro markets create
a new vibe in the workplace.

Healthy Options

With more space for products, our micro-markets are filled with a variety of natural, nutritious items

Improves Efficiency

Provides a convenient place for employees to snack and pick up meals without leaving your location

Improves corporate culture

The open concept, enhanced capabilities, and vast choices make micro-markets a tool to enhance engagement

Fully automated inventor

Each micro-market is connected online so we can monitor sales and track when yours needs stocking

Large product selection

No spirals or small cubbies means micro-markets offer a much broader selection of products for employees

Attractive features

Built to be reliable and enhance your break room, our micro-markets are designed for your unique space.

Self checkout kiosks

All purchases are made using the secure, micro-market kiosk complete with scanner and cashless payment

Subsidized programs

Provide funding to employees or cover the cost of some micro-market items to make it a better benefit

Work/life balance

Today’s employees are looking for ways to fit everything in, making on-site refreshment a real value

Customizable for your workplace in order to create a corporate oasis

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