Flavia heats up the retention power of your office coffee in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, including Boston

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Flavia coffee products in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, including Boston

Sophisticated brewing

The Flavia machine incorporates modern technology that keeps each latte, tea, coffee, or specialty beverage a pure flavor with no lingering taste from the last beverage.

 Rhode Island and Massachusetts, including Boston, Flavia coffee products

Gourmet quality

Uniquely designed flat packs only for use in the Flavia machine hold premium coffee and drink blends from all the well-known national and private label brands.

Flavia coffee products in Boston

Easy to use

The Flavia machine ensures there are always delicious, specialty beverages at the workplace — brewed fresh, by the cup for each and every employee or customer.

Innovative single-cup coffee technology

Experience the new must-have coffee machine designed for workplaces with different drink packs, LCD menu, and various installation options.

Personalize your drink each time using the sophisticated LCD screen
Vast array of premium drink choices from lattes to teas to coffee
Patented technology keeps flavors from impacting the next drink
Choose a pour-over or plumbed-in water option to best fit your area

Enhance the break room

Flavia is the best way to enjoy crafted gourmet coffee, tea, and espresso products in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area, including Boston.

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