• Vending machine service in Boston, Massachusetts and Rhode Island
    Your locally owned vending
    experts in Massachusetts and
    Rhode Island for over 40 years.
    Service built on a long reputation for
    delivering today’s most popular products
    from state-of-the-art vending machines.
  • Healthy and nutritious cup of almonds
    Look no further for nutritious, yet
    delicious products to put in your
    break room vending machine.
  • Self-serve micro market in Boston
    Transform your Boston Massachusetts
    or Rhode Island break room with an
    open concept micro-market.
  • Fesh brewed cup of coffee on a desk with coffee beans
    Create a rivalry with the local coffee
    shop by offering sophisticated and
    delicious coffee in your break room.
  • Mobile vending machine technology
    Enhance your experience with our
    advanced service-centered technology.
    Wireless technology to increase efficiency
    Modern equipment with state-of-the-art features
    Mobile and cashless payment enabled vending
    Guaranteed product delivery via infrared sensors
    Brighter, more energy efficient LED lighting

Your locally owned vending experts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for over 40 years.

Our Services

What We Offer.


The most popular snacks, foods, and drinks from today’s innovative vending machines.


Keep employees energized with hot beverage options that rival the area coffee houses.


Open up a mini store on site that offers more product variety and is open 24 hours a day.


The food, drinks, and snacks you want delivered to your break room as an employee perk.

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our mission

Customer focused vending machines, micro-markets, and office coffee service in Rhode Island and Massachusetts including Boston.

With over 40 years of experience, Foley FoodService brings service know-how to Massachusetts and Rhode Island businesses. We lead with vast product variety and fully customized services, which we will tailor to fit your needs. Investments in technology include mobile payment and credit card readers as well as better customer service because our customers are priority number one.

Get a break room upgrade

A break room boost featuring hundreds of products

The open concept micro-market offers more options for employees available 24/7.

Foley FoodService micro-markets offer employees something special. With open shelves and glass-front coolers, the break area becomes a mini store open around the clock thanks to a self-checkout kiosk. The additional room means more products can be stocked, including healthy alternatives, giving the micro-market broader appeal. It also encourages employees to stay on-site for meals and breaks.

As the first service provider to bring micro-markets to Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Foley FoodService has experience in their proper stocking and management. We keep the selections fresh with lots of new flavors and plenty of better-for-you choices alongside tried and true favorites. We personalize everything from the item selection to micro-market design for each of our customers. Ensure you get the best.

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Fresh sandwich and healthy granola bars

Your favorite coffee brands brewed where you work

Foley FoodService offers a wide variety of delicious coffee and tea to create your ideal office coffee service.

Enhance the employee benefit program with cafe rivaling coffee and tea.
As an authorized distributor, we can offer local favorite New England Coffee.
Distributors of well known Starbucks, Keurig, and Flavia hot beverage brands.
Increase employee productivity with better coffee and tea in the workplace.

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Providing workplace refreshment to Boston, Massachusetts and Rhode Island remains our mission.

Partner with a service provider that offers it all and places you front and center -- Foley FoodService at 781.551.0711 or service@foleyfoodservice.com.

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Invested in technology and service that brings Massachusetts and Rhode Island unsurpassed vending machine, office coffee, and micro-market solutions.

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